May 28th 7:05pm
Out-Fielder Ryan Wadkins- Drury University
Jonathan Weeks- INF from University of Hawaii
May 28th 2015 7:05pm

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2013 All-Star Team

ARLINGTON, TN)  Following balloting of the Prospect League Managers and tabulation by the Office


                      Anthony Rebyanski, Manager, Butler                                                               



1B Mathew Calhoun, Slippery Rock

2B Ryan Fitzgerald, Butler            

3B Zach Woolcock, West Virginia

SS Matt Peters, Butler

LF Kaeo Aliviado, West Virginia

CF Taylor Schmidt, Butler

RF Zac Mathie, Chillicothe

C Garrett Ruckel, Richmond

DH Dan Zuchowski, Chillicothe

P Jaesung Hwang, West Virginia

RP Kevin Becker-Menditto, Slippery Rock



Chris Martin, Manager, Quincy



1B Bryan Niedbalski, Quincy

2B Nick Roscetti, Quincy

3B Atlee Schwab, Terre Haute

SS Tyler Wampler, Terre Haute

LF Zach Nichols, Hannibal

CF Kyle Kempf, Terre Haute

RF Thomas Richards, Quincy

C Ricky Sanchez, Terre Haute

DH Justin Fletcher, Springfield

P Troy Conyers, Danville

RP Wes Judish, Hannibal

The 5th Annual Prospect League All-Star Game will be held July 17 at Pullman Park in Butler, Pennsylvania hosted by the Butler BlueSox.  Events scheduled for the 17th, in addition to the game, include a Home Run Hitting Contest, a Pro Scouts Workout for the All-Stars, and an All-Star Luncheon. 

For ticket information and additional details, please contact the Butler BlueSox or 724-256-9994.


 All-Stars by Prospect League Team




Adam Aldred

Russell Clark

Tyler Ferguson

Ryan Fitzgerald

Matt Peters

Taylor Schmidt


Stuart Eisler

Steve Laudicina

Andrew Marra

Zac Mathie

Dan Zuchowski

Lorain County

Rey Carrion

Cam Knott

Jacob Post

Zach Ratliff

Scott Splett


Jason Blum

Jacob Bosiokovic

Matthew Brankle

Trevor Kimm

Garrett Ruckel

Robbie Stein

Slippery Rock

Kevin Becker-Menditto

Mathew Calhoun

Zach Strecker

Storm Wilson

West Virginia

Kaeo Aliviado

Jaesung Hwang

Pat Kregeloh

Zach Woolcock




Troy Conyers

Casey Fletcher

Miles Nordgren

Tyler Selesky


Michael Duarte

Wes Judish

Kyle Kuck

Jake Mangler

Travis McDonald

Zach Nichols


Ryan Light

Josh Martsching

Aaron Michel

Joe Mortillaro

Bryan Niedbalski

Steve Pallares

Thomas Richards

Nick Roscetti


Ridge Ackerman

Justin Fletcher

Ryan Guedry

Wade Rothermich

Terre Haute

Taylor Horn

Kyle Kempf

Ricky Sanchez

Atlee Schwab

Tyler Wampler

Brian Wolfe

Kyle Zimmerman



For additional information on The Prospect League, please contact Commissioner Dave Chase, 901-218-3386 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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e Commissioner, here are the 2013 Mid-Season All-Star Teams, Starters by Division: